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      According to Homer, Koroni was one of the seven cities given from Agamemnon as dowry to Achilles, in order to pacify his anger so he could use him once more in the war against the Trojans.

      Homer refers to Koroni as “vine-clad Pedasus”.

      The official history begins with its foundation in 365 B.C. In the centuries that follow, Koroni is a steadily growing prosperous city.

      The city of the Middle Ages was founded in the 6th century A.D. During the Middle Ages, Koroni becomes the apple of discord and field of constant battles between the predominant Mediterranean powers. After the 11th century European pilgrims use its port as stage in their journey to the Holy Lands.

      In 1205 it was occupied by Franks, who finally gave it over to Geoffroi de Villehardouin. From 1207 to 1500 it was occupied by the Venetians, the Turks (1500 – 1532), the Spanish (1532 – 1534), again by the Turks (1534- 1685), once more by the Venetians (1685 - 1715) and over again by the Turks (1715 - 1828). The liberation and incorporation in the Independent Greek state took place in 1828.

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