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  • Home / Mediterranean Diet Makes UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List
    Mediterranean Diet Makes UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List
    • Koroni, this wonderful Peloponnesian region, with its outstanding beauty, endless history and authentic traditions, was honoured by UNESCO as a Flagship Community of Greece for the Mediterranean Diet. It is an important institution, in which Mediterranean countries with a great culinary tradition, like Spain, Italy and Morocco, participate. Selection criteria are strict and greatly honour the towns chosen: the products produced in the area must be outstanding, recipes authentic and there must be a centuries-old taste and food culture. Koroni, with its stunning natural surroundings and exceptional products, was justifiably honoured and included among the towns that are models of dietary traditions.

      The Koronaiko Olive, which produces the oil of the same name, is considered one of the most beneficial, delicious and enjoyable varieties of olive. Messinian wines have been renowned since antiquity. Ideal climate conditions together with growers’ extensive knowledge offer wine lovers local wines with exceptional organoleptic properties, fruity aromas, full flavour and vivid colours: White wines (roditis, fileri, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay) or red (Fokiano, Mandilaria, Carignan, Cabernet, Sauvignon) are all outstanding and widely-known.

      Viticulture today employs about 2,000 people and 34,000 tons of grapes are collected from which 27,000 tons of wine are produced. Messinia also annually produces 10,000 tons of choice currants in vineyards covering 45,000 stremma. It is also worth noting that rare aromatic herbs and greens grow in the wider area, which lend unique character and flavour to traditional cooking.

      Representatives from communities honoured by UNESCO meet each year, exchange experiences and know-how, confirm the indissoluble cultural ties in the Mediterranean and promote the culinary culture of this unparalleled corner of the earth. During the joint four-day events, various topics are discussed, such as the link between olives and wine and culture, ways of publicizing the Mediterranean dietary model, development prospects for agritourism entrepreneurship, and others.

      Koroni: Ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet

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