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    Koroni olive oil

      Koroni Olive Oil


      The extra virgin oil of the area is produced from crops which traditionally date back to the Mycenean times.


      The special characteristics of the earth and the local microclimate are the two main foundations of the Koronean olive fame.


      The quality of olive oil is based on traditional farming methods.


      The cultivation has remained the same for thousand of years, olives are water naturally by the seasonal rains and small but very quality crops are produced.


      The careful selection of the olives is followed by the first crushing and the production of oil with magnificent taste, rich aroma, and precious value.


      (Base and foundation of a healthy diet)


      In our small company we bottle the famous Koroni oil, which you can find in our product section, labeled as “Koroni Oil” from our owned olive grove in the municipality of Koroni and EXCLUSIVELY there. 

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