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    Recipes - Pies
    •   KOURKOUTOPITA / BAKED PORRIDGE PIE   1 cup trahanas 2 cups fresh milk 1 cup water 2 cups plain flour 4 eggs 1 cup KORONI OLIVE OIL 500g feta cheese Salt, pepper   Place the trahanas in the warm milk for half an hour. Crumble the Feta cheese into a bowl and add the other ingredients, mixing well. Spread the mixture over a well-oiled and floured baking dish and then, using your finger, make holes in it down to the...
        PASTOURMADOPITA   800 g (2 sheets) ready puff pastry 2 tomatoes cut into thin slices 100-150 g pastourmas (seasoned or cured beef or camel meat) with the outer spices removed 250 g kaseri (or other semi-hard cheese), especially kaseri from Mytilini ½ cup olive oil sesame seeds salt and pepper to taste (although you may not need any because the pastourmas is peppery and the cheese is salty)   Place one...
        TRAHANOPITA   2 cups trahanas ½ kg filo pastry 1 cup olive oil 2 cups grated feta cheese 2 cups grated kefalograviera (or other hard salty cheese) 3 cups milk or 2 of milk and 1 of cream 1 cup finely chopped bacon 4 eggs Salt, pepper     Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the sheets of filo pastry, brushing each one with oil, in an oiled round oven dish so that they stick out over the edge...
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